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Thursday, December 16, 2010

My game of 10 fingers

There’s a game called 10 fingers, or Never-have-I-ever. If you don’t remember how to play, go to any freshman dorm’s common area and take notes.I believe only those of us living in Korea should be able to relate to this series of questions, therefore putting all ten fingers down - losing. Keep track on your own for optimal effect.

Never have I ever…
1.     1) …had a conversation that starts and ends as such, “Hello, you’re handsome, I love you, goodbye.”
2.     2)…been told to be quiet on a bus.
3.     3)…had a child lick me because he thought I was chocolate.
4.     4)….solved a majority of disputes with a game of Rock, Scissors, Paper.
5.     5)…been involved in a basketball game where the players smoke before, at halftime, and after the game.
6.     6)…worn socks with childish, sometimes offensive, illustrations on them to the delight of all my co-workers.
7.     7)…said “hello” in native tongue and received a standing ovation.
8.     8)…been in a conversation and had my name called by someone else, and upon turning to face that person, had food shoved in my mouth.without my permission.
9.     9)….legitimately thought war was raging because of a country-wide drill.
10   10)…been asked by another grown man if I was, “going to go pee-pee.”
        Game. Set. Match. 
        On another note: somebody come and look at this...
how my students view me...