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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My world (expo) tour

It’s been far too long since my last post, blogosphere. For this I send my deepest apologies. But, I am writing now still riding the wave of excitement from the World Expo. It was uh-may-zing. I have stories for days and think that the best way to bite into this gargantuan apple of an event is to do so visually. EZ, Nathan, and I took turns taking pictures at certain times, and my battery ran out halfway through the trip. So a special thanks to those two for some of these images. Here goes:

One of the most beautiful buildings in the park. The park featured over 200 pavilions from countries and corporations, this served as our North Star. The Chinese Pavilion.

The Australian Pavilion. It looked like giant wood panels.

These models on the inside of the Aussie pavilion, I love how the facial features were exaggerated.

Check out her expression...and uh...is that a nip slip?

Portugal pavilion at night. Unfortunately this building didn't make the cut. So many pavilions to see, so little time.

Cool video in the Czech Republic Pavilion. One big screen TV surrounded by mirrors to create great pic opportunities.

Hey now...

The exact pavilion is escaping me, but these were life-size objects in all white suspended overhead. Interpret it as you will.

More from that exhibit...

This sign was asking for this pic to be taken...

This was a piece of art hanging in the Belarus pavilion. One: Who can tell me where Belarus is without Googling it? Two: Nathan was a sport for taking this one. Well played...

This is one of the top three in the park. It is the Expo Culture Center. Time constraints kept us out of this building as well. But it was built to look like a UFO/seashell/floating city. Along with the China Pavilion, I hope this one stays forever.

The South Korean Pavilion. We were so juiced to be able to read the Hangul written on the cubes that made up the building. We infected some passersby and they asked to take a picture with us...

Their enthusiasm was unbridled...

When I saw this building this popped into my head. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea. With the recent happenings between North and South Korea it was a must we checked it out. EZ and I expected the Napoleon syndrome to play out with the decorations on the inside of this building. We expected them to overcompensate with grandiose architecture and design as to say, "No, no! We're okay! Look what we have..." to the rest of the world. But Nathan reminded us of the foolishness in that. The money for a bomb expo just isn't there.

On the inside...

Me with a North Korean rep.

Vietnam Pavilion. The outside and inside were lined in bamboo. Very dope.

Inside Vietnam...

Uno mas...

The reason I made this trip. Look at her in all her beauty. She will reappear a little later on, but this was the first time I'd seen her. The UK Pavilion. Sigh...

A display in the Indonesia Pavilion. I was very impressed with their pavilion. A bit remissed that I didn't get more pictures of it.

Romania pavilion. Built in the likeness of a green apple, their theme was Greenopolis.

Chile, how I love ye. I was blown away on the inside. Their message was centered around creating a neighborhood environment that fosters communication. What is your neighbor's name? Leisure and communication can get compromised in our fast paced lives. Chile was asking us to slow down.

Nathan took this picture in Chile. This part of the pavilion recreated a high rise apartment feel with mirrors and TV screens. The voyeur in us was able to take a look into the lives of our neighbors across the way.

Stop. Hello. Wait.

Life-size furniture on the ceiling. EZ interpreted it to mean that our lives are upside down. That works for me.

People passed out in the park. Now, if that'd have been me...

People in packs at the park made sure to come in matching hats. We got jealous and bought the most obnoxious, childish hats we could find. We then took pictures with all groups wearing hats, matching jackets, etc. I won't show you all of them, of course. But Nathan and I squatted in front, and it wasn't until after the picture was taken that we found out that everyone behind us was also squatting. Why?

This picture was taken in the Cuba Pavilion. I was nodding my head enjoying some of the Afro-Cuban music that was playing when this group of tourists asked me to take a picture with them. I obliged. But then, I guess some other tourists saw this going on and got the wrong idea...

I tried to tell him that I neither work for the pavilion nor am I famous. But he insisted that I sign, pushing his Expo Passport and pen onto me. I wasn't sure if he wanted proof to his family at home that he was in Cuba. So instead of signing my name, I signed "Cuba." And I did so for the next 15 tourists that followed. I couldn't believe this was happening. EZ, who witnessed the whole thing take place was torn between taking pictures of the event, and calling Nathan to witness as well...

I'm cracking up, Nathan's cracking up, and EZ is in disbelief taking the picture.

We were able to mellow out afterwards to some Venezuelan music in their pavilion. The guy in the middle played a mean Cuatro, and they showed us much love after the show. EZ and I talked to the bassist for a bit afterwards while Nathan got lessons on the Cajon (music box).

Some of you may know that I dance folkloric Panamanian dance at home (Conjunto Tipico wassup), but how the Venezuelans found out, and asked me to join them, I will never know...

Singapore. Sorry guys, didn't make the cut...as well as...

and also as...


I had to put up this picture for 3 reasons. One: We avoided the 2 hour line by telling one of the Italians that all we wanted was the restaurant on the second floor. Two: The restaurant on the second floor was a potpourri of tastes I haven't experienced since 2003. Three: All the employees had PRADA outfits! Head to toe. Best dressed award - Italy.

There she is. Beautiful. The building defies all logic in its construction. Each rod was hand placed.

It looks different each time you look at it. The rods move with the blowing of the wind.

Inside. It was difficult to get the various contours of the walls.

At the end of each rod was a seed for different plants.

Close up of the rods.

The Saudi Arabia pavilion. The most expensive pavilion, and rightfully so as it featured the largest movie screen in the world. The experience was 15 minutes long and was worth the 3.5 hour wait in line. Video from Nathan's camera will be posted as soon as it's uploaded. Paciencia...

This was actually taken while we ate dinner the night we got back from China. When I was this age  I had a wheel that had an arrow on it. When I pulled a lever it made the sound of the animal that the arrow was pointing to. The girl on the right is using a stylus, and her boy is texting.

I had a blast at the Expo. I wouldn't change my experience for anything in the world. There are many more stories and tales of ridiculousness that I am more than willing to share on an individual basis. This trip has profoundly inspired me.


  1. man, that seems really amazing. was this like a world's fair or what was the idea behind it?

  2. ridiculo. tell me you saw poland's paper cut out thing tho, looked insaaaane. missed you boys at campathon this wknd. J

  3. art corvelay: yeah the world's fair is the same as the world expo. the eiffel tower was the main attraction at the expo in france a while back. the space needle in seattle. the list goes on for the number of archetectural goliaths this event has produced

    anonymous: never got around to seeing poland. sad face...

  4. LOL....nice....sad i missed it!