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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My last week

My last entry I mentioned a couple of my students bringing a baby hen to class. Ol’ Jeung-Jeung. Well the following 2 days went as such:
he needed a nap they said, he was still breathing...
day 3, you can read...
Also, check out the effigy the kids created for me:
created in my exact likeness, two pupils per eye...

This week was also the first time that my kids took interest in, and ask questions about my race. They, of course, call me Obama, but this was different. Before class there was a coterie of students that surrounded my desk. They were holding and examining both sides of my hand.  Feeling my skin they asked, “brown or white?”  They felt on my hair and said, “teacher your hair different.” I couldn’t help but laugh. To the first question I responded that “yes, my skin is brown, and I do have white palms, but I’m called Black in the USA.” I was asked why I was called Black and not Brown. Answering this question was like explaining childbirth to a 3 year old. I’ve got to create a few lessons on black history to satiate their curiosity. To the second question I responded, “My hair different? Your hair different to me…” They laughed and said I was wrong.  I hope they stay curious and ask questions, and as my Korean gets better there should be a nice back-and-forth between them and I.

This weekend I have the option of a Cool Kids concert in Seoul, or Cherry Blossoms festival in a city close to Ulsan. Stay tuned for that one in a few days.. 


  1. Awh not Jeung-Jeung - RIP...Dorian are you starting to understand Korean more?

  2. Wassup man. Just wanted to see how things were going in Korea. I've been working on something kind of big man and I want you to be featured on it once I launch it. I'll give you the details in a couple of weeks.