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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My rain check

I regret to inform you that as for the promise I made to attend either the cherry blossom festival or Cool Kids concert last weekend, no dice. The plan was to go to the cherry blossom festival on Saturday and soak in the rustic scene in all its virtuosity. Unfortunately Mama Earth wasn’t feelin’ it that weekend. Rain check for 7 days, don’t fret. 

We were, however, able to go to Busan again, this time checking out the aquarium. There’s nothing better to help put the mind at ease than walls and walls of slow moving marine animals. They had an enormous shark tank that was definitely my favorite scene. There were theater-style seats that I made myself at home on for a good hour, in tacit awe.

We spent the night in Busan, and made friends with some local Koreans that promised to stay in touch for cultural exchange. Success. I was able to get my Rosetta Stone up-and-working (shout out Gold Chhim), and I think I’ve made some positive strides in understanding the language. Of course, I have a ways to go, but I’m excited for my progress thus far. Having some new friends in different cities is always positive, and gives me a little more motivation to keep my linguistic game sharp.

The next day I purchased a new camera. Stoked. And was able to take a few trial pictures at the beach before heading back to Ulsan and to lesson planning. Lookit:
ahh peautiful pusan...
cherry blossoms after all...
looking for rachel solando led me here...
"the sea was angry that day my friends...
like an old man trying to take soup back at a deli..."
ez says, "no being casual here..."

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