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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My first few days at Hakseong Elementary

The first week of classes I thought would involve me teaching… Wrong. I was, however, introduced to the entire school. It consisted of the principal bringing all the new teachers up to this massive stage: all students, parents, and old faculty standing at attention facing the stage. 10 other new teachers were brought up and one by one had their names read off as they bowed to the crowd. Because I couldn’t understand a dagone thing they were saying, I ended up bowing as someone else’s name was read. I was slapped on the back of the knee by my co-teacher and told to wait. Then when he gave me the okay to bow, I did so with my hands in my pocket-slap on the back of the knee. I don’t want readers to think I’ve been getting slapped incessantly since my arrival; I’ve adjusted and have my manners down pat.  

Later that week the teachers went on a bonding hike/dinner. An hour into the hike we were greeted by a delicious boiled chicken dinner and drank Makgeolli at a restaurant comfortably nestled in the foliage. 

the teachers...
 the view from the top...

the restaurant...

the chicken...

After a rough trip back home, (the boiled chicken that was alive 1 hour before consumption was not agreeing with my stomach) some of us went out on the town for a few drinks.  
Seen here are Mr. Jeung, myself, and Park.

The next day I was able to take a short trip to the whale museum that’s located on the outskirts of Ulsan. A few photos from that trip are here. Gotta say, whale bones are ridiculously huge. Good song: whale bones.

At last, after one week of sleeping on the floor, my furniture arrived.  Take a tour with me…don’t mind my enthusiasm: WATCH


  1. Hey Dorian:

    Sounds like you're off to a great start! You won't have stories to tell if you have no glitches. Good luck with your beginning class. You'll need lots of pictures, and lots of physical activities to illustrate vocabulary. Oops! Sorry...the teacher in me coming out. Anyway, love you much, and miss you much!

    BTW...AMBITIOUS is missing the letter "i" on your sign.



  2. Hola Doria:
    Tu nina y Tio Abe estamos disfrutando a granel tus comentarios en el blog.....sigue montandolos!
    Whao al parecer estas pasando por una experiencia extraordinaria....todas las idiosincracias a las que tienes que atenerte son en si parte de la vivencia!.....sigue escribiendo!
    Dios te guarde y proteja siempre.
    Te queremos mucho y extranamos bastante!