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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My trip to Seoknam

Ulsan has these attractions that they refer to as the 12 scenes of Ulsan. They’re spots that the city finds representative of each of its diverse faces. Saturday’s trip was to one of these faces-the Seoknam  Buddhist Temple. Accompanied by my road-dog EZ as well as two other fellows (Jeremy and Aaron), we embarked on the journey early Saturday morning. Of course with my direction we got a little lost, but made it to the Temple around 11. The weather was perfect, we were out of the fell clutch of city pollution, and all you could hear was the sounds of the babbling brook (you don’t get many chances to use that phrase, so forgive me). We thought we were going to see one temple, but were pleasantly surprised to see the panoply of different pagodas used for worship. I heard THIS as we walked. Here are some pictures from the trip:
the view of our destination by taxi...

the babbling brook...

one of the pagodas...

didn't want to be disrespectful, so not many pix from inside...

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