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Monday, March 1, 2010

My journey

Hello blogosphere! I welcome you to my blog. What you can expect from frequenting this site is just some insight into my world. Some day-to-day idiosyncrasies as well as some of the mundane details of my new life.  I hope you find it interesting. Feel free to leave comments or questions. I will not censor my thoughts, so I ask that if you comment you do the same.

I start with my flight…

My trip with Matt (who will forevermore be referred to by his shortened unicamp moniker, EZ, ‘cause it’s easier to type) was littered with speedbumps. I would’ve loved to plug in my laptop, but after I asked, “Do you think I can use that plug when you’re done” the guy I was sitting next to responded, “I’m using it.” He proceeded to do so for 13.5 hours. I assume so because every second I was awake, that we weren’t eating, he was watching what I’d later find out to be the most popular show in Korea,  1 Day 2 Nights. So speedbump #1, no laptop for the entire flight.

As for eats, I can’t complain. It wasn’t long before I got my first taste of Korean food. Bimbimbap, which means stirred rice, was the meal of choice. I don’t know if it was my enthusiasm for my upcoming Korean adventure, or the fact that I hadn’t eaten that morning, but I messed that Bimbimbap UP.

The flight dragged on, and 13.5 hours later my avid 1 Day 2 Nights friend shook out of his stupor to speak. I came to find out he was spending time in San Diego studying English, that he lived in Busan (pronounced Poo-sahn), and that he hoped I enjoyed drinking because there would be a lot of it where I was headed-Ulsan. “uhhh…yes.”

So we land. Excellent. Plan of action: take shuttle from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport (1 hour) and take plane from there to Ulsan Airport. Upon arrival, however, we were told because of weather our flight was cancelled. 
...the reason for Speedbump #2..

We then decide the best plan of action is to find a motel in nearby Busan to spend the night until we can catch a flight in the morning to Ulsan. We point out on a map what we think is the cheapest motel to the cab driver. We get dropped off at this. The only available room was some 300,000 wan per night room. HA!  Me thought not. Speedbump #3. Luckily we convinced the bellhop to stash our luggage somewhere and we were off to explore options for other lodging, or walk around till 6am when we were supposed to be back at the airport.  On this adventure we’d eat some good food at “Beer Food,” and met some friendly Busan-ites. We headed back to the hotel and turned a couple chairs around on an upstairs lobby so that the casual passerby wouldn’t see the two vagabonds passed out.

At any rate, we made it to Ulsan the next day in one piece. I then said goodbye to my compadre EZ, and met my co-teacher, Kim Hyuk (who told me to call him Johnson).  Johnson then brought me to my new studio apartment. Unfurnished until
at least Tuesday. Sleeping on the floor is good for the back I guess.

Next he took me for a quick tour of the school, which is literally a minute and twenty-four seconds away. I live by the credo that it’s a round world, and it seems to be paying off now. I used to drive from Long Beach to Brentwood/Culver City everyday for 6 months to get to work (average drive: 1.2 hours). I L out L now. Back to the school tour. I met the principle. He and Johnson talked in Korean for a little bit, we drank tea, I smiled, and Johnson translated a portion of their conversation to me. “He says, ‘You look different, but you’ll be alright.’” I wish I could decipher this, but if Johnson says I have nothing to worry about, shucks, I believe him.
...the school's soccer field...

He said his goodbyes, and told me that I’d see him on Tuesday, my first day of school. Stay tuned for that one, should be a hoot.


  1. Wow Dorian! It sounds like you're off to an exciting time. I'll be interested in your elaboration on how "you're different", although I can surmise I already know. Take care my son. We love you and miss you, but I'm so proud of you going off and doing your thing!



  2. My new weekly newspaper has arrived...keep it coming my man! The adventures sound sweet so far =)


  3. Different? They haven't met the Rowe-Stewart family! LOL. Tio Tony, Andres, Diego and I had a good time reading about your adventures thus far. The boys enjoyed seeing your living quarters. Keep the news coming...we are all living vicariously. Stay safe and be well. Love and miss you.

  4. Write on, cuz!! :) I look forward to following your journey... Love you!

  5. dorian i saw this family guy clip and it rivals that "mhhmmm" episode. fast forward to 2:35 and enjoy. i just could not stop laughing. http://www.megavideo.com/?v=EHRFRRUD.

  6. Wat up frat!

    I must agree on the different tip...you didnt exactly blend in by the looks of the picture with you, Park & whoever else but what-the-hey!
    This is dope thou..ill b staying tuned!!