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Monday, March 1, 2010

My first night owt

After a welcome lunch with fellow footprints recruits, a few of us hit the town. 4 guys ready for the world (rrandom memory). We stopped into a few bars and clubs, checking the scene of our stomping grounds for the year to come. I want to share a brief culture shock story from club Elune. My 3 friends are each about, dancing. My turn. I ask a young lady, “would you like to dance?” Her reaction: hands to her mouth, eyes wide, shaking head “no.” I thought it was funnier than it was embarrassing. Jordan didn’t make every shot, dammit I’m human.  We did have a good time roaming the streets and talked to some people along the way, great first night. I’m excited for the year to come.

...order a beer and a So-ju, and the food is on the house...boss...


  1. Congrats on the beginning of your most wonderful adventure. Take it all in, have fun, work hard and learn some Korean. BTW, what is So-ju?

  2. Keep it different and real!...te queremos mucho y estamos super orgullosos de ti!

    Dios te proteja y bendiga siempre!
    love you lots!
    tia Mayra..... "Vivre le Differance"